Choosing the right door for your home is an important decision but it can be overwhelming with the amount of choice available on the market.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve put together this guide that looks at the key differences between two of the most popular doors available: composite doors and UPVC doors. Let’s get started!

Composite door vs. UPVC door

Before we get into the nitty gritty, let’s clarify what composite and UPVC doors are.

Composite door

Composite doors are constructed from multiple materials, which are combined to create a robust and secure door. These materials typically include a solid timber core, high-density foam insulation, and a durable outer layer made of glass-reinforced plastic (GRP). The result is a door that offers the best of both worlds; the aesthetic appeal of timber combined with the strength of modern materials!

UPVC door

UPVC (Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride) doors consist of a UPVC frame with interchangeable panels. UPVC is a type of plastic known for its durability, low maintenance requirements, and insulation properties. They’re versatile and can be customised with various panel designs, including glass inserts or solid panels.

What are the differences between composite doors and UPVC doors?

Now that we’ve defined the basics let’s explore the key differences between these two door types.

Construction and security

One of the most significant differences between composite and UPVC doors is their construction and the level of security they offer.

Composite doors are well known for being robust and therefore a good choice if security is a concern. The solid timber core provides substantial strength, making it difficult for intruders to break through. Additionally, the glass-reinforced plastic outer layer is incredibly tough and resistant to impact.

On the other hand, UPVC doors, while versatile and visually appealing, are generally considered less secure than composite doors. The UPVC frame is durable but not as tough as the solid core of a composite door. The interchangeable panels, especially if they contain a lot of glass, may also be more susceptible to forced entry, so that may be something to think about when selecting a design.

Thermal efficiency

Having an energy efficient property has become more important than ever, so it’s vital that you carefully consider the insulation properties of your door.

Composite doors are well-known for their excellent insulation properties. The combination of materials in a composite door ensures that it retains heat during the colder months and keeps your home cool in the summer.

UPVC doors also offer good insulation, thanks to the nature of the UPVC material itself. At Birmingham Glass, we offer high-quality and energy-efficient doors from a top quality manufacturer, Deceuninck, that provide a perfect balance between energy efficiency and comfortable living.


Maintenance is another important factor to consider when choosing between these two door types.

Composite doors are relatively low maintenance as the GRP outer layer is resistant to fading, cracking, and warping, which means you won’t need to repaint or refinish the door regularly. A simple wipe down with a damp cloth is usually sufficient to keep it looking good.

Similarly, UPVC doors are known for their minimal maintenance requirements. They are easy to clean and don’t require repainting. Occasional cleaning with good old-fashioned soap and water can keep them looking fresh for years!

No matter whether you decide on a composite or UPVC door, when you buy a door from us you can enjoy a 10-year guarantee, letting you buy with peace of mind.

Aesthetic appeal

Finally, let’s consider the aesthetic aspect, as the appearance of your door can not only impact your home’s curb appeal, but it’s also important that it matches your style preferences.

Composite doors often mimic the classic, timeless appearance of wooden doors. They are available in a wide range of colours and styles, and the wood-grain effect on the GRP surface gives them a lovely, elegant look.

UPVC doors come in various designs and colours, offering versatility to match your home’s style. You can choose from solid panels, glass inserts, and decorative patterns to achieve the desired look. Their customisable nature means everyone is sure to find a design that they love!

Making your choice

Don’t worry if you’re not sure which option to go for. Our helpful advisors can talk through your preferences and your needs as well as your budget, to help you make an informed choice. As a family business with a no-pressure philosophy, you can rely on us to give you trusted advice.

Based in Birmingham but operating nationally, Birmingham Glass has been making and installing our own UPVC doors, windows, porches, and conservatories for both domestic and trade customers since the 1980s. What’s more, all the work we do comes with a 10-year guarantee.

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