If you’re renovating your home, having new windows fitted may be just one aspect of that, with decorating being another. We’re often asked by customers whether they should decorate before or after we fit their windows. Whilst us fitting your windows won’t cause any damage to your existing décor, we tend to recommend that you wait until after the windows are fitted to start decorating if you’re doing both. 

So, why do we say this? Well, there are a few reasons! 

Ease of access  

Unsurprisingly, fitting new windows usually requires clear access to the walls and surrounding areas. If you’ve already decorated, especially with wallpaper or intricate paintwork, it could hold up or hinder the window installation process.  

By waiting until after the windows are in place to decorate, it makes it that much easier for installers and reduces the chances of any disruption to your lovely new décor! If you’d like some extra information on how to make sure your space is easy to access before a window fitting, we’ve put together our top tips and advice right here. 

Matching your aesthetics  

Whilst you may think of windows as being purely practical and not part of your home’s overall design, they are actually a huge design element. They come in various styles, such as casement, double-hung, or bay windows, each with its unique character.   

If you wait until after your windows are fitted, you can choose décor that will match or compliment your window style. For example, you may want to choose a paint colour that works well with your window frame colour, or select curtains that coordinate perfectly with the architectural features of your windows, such as their shape, size, and placement within the room. 

Impact on natural light 

Windows obviously impact how much natural light gets into a room. If you’re having more windows or a different type of window fitted, the amount of light coming into your room can change significantly. Modern windows also normally have larger glass panes and better insulation, allowing more sunlight to filter into your home.  

If you anticipate this change in lighting to be dramatic, it’s definitely better to wait until after the window is fitted to decorate. That way, you can make choices about window treatments, where to put your furniture, and how to style everything so it looks and feels just right. Even the paint or wallpaper you opt for can look different in different lighting, so waiting to decorate will ensure that you get exactly the look you’re after and won’t be disappointed or in the situation of having to redo things further down the line. 

Avoiding redundant work  

Speaking of redoing things further down the line, decorating before window fitting runs the risk of having to redo or adjust elements of your decor post-installation. For example, if you’ve painted the walls and then realise the window frames clash with the colour scheme, you’ll have to repaint or make adjustments. This not only adds extra time and effort but also unnecessary expenses.  

By completing window fitting first, you reduce the likelihood of redundant or corrective work in your decorating process, potentially saving yourself some cash in the long run! 

Improving energy efficiency  

Whilst this isn’t totally a design element, waiting until your windows are fitted before making other renovation decisions can be a smart choice when it comes to energy efficiency.  

By waiting until after your windows are fitted to decorate, you can truly gauge how they impact your home’s temperature and comfort levels. This allows you to make informed decisions about additional insulation, window treatments, or other decor elements that can further enhance energy efficiency without compromising on any aesthetic appeal. 


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