Security you can trust

We understand how crucial your security is and we take it seriously. That’s why at Birmingham Glass, we use a special security barrel called greenteQ, provided by Orion. 

This barrel and key combination offer a highly secure solution, featuring the TS007 Kitemark 3-star profile cylinder (KM591531). It’s fantastic for ensuring your security, but it can make getting extra keys a bit challenging due to the advanced security embedded in the key design. We’ve implemented these measures to prevent easy replication by unauthorised individuals. 

If you need additional keys, they can only be purchased with a unique personal password. You should have set up the password after we installed your doors. During the cylinder registration process, you’ll need to use your password, which is required to register the keys for the performance guarantee. This adds an extra layer of security for homeowners like yourself, but it means you can’t simply get your extra keys from a local shoe shop!