When it comes to home renovations or improvements, one of the big concerns that often arises is the impact of weather conditions on the process. This is especially true in Britain where we face rain pretty regularly!  

At first glance, the idea of fitting windows during rain might seem counterintuitive or impractical. After all, the installation process involves removing existing windows, leaving openings exposed to the elements. But the good news is that unfavourable weather conditions, such as rain or wind, don’t necessarily mean a halt to your window installation. 

In the blog, we delve into this topic to understand why and how window fitting can go ahead even in less-than-ideal weather conditions. Hopefully, we’ll give you some peace of mind too that your window fitting with us can proceed as planned. 

Why won’t bad weather stop my windows being fitted? 

Contrary to common belief, rain, wind and even a little flurry of snow doesn’t typically stop the installation of windows. Modern window installation techniques, combined with high-quality materials and equipment, allow our window installers to work efficiently even in adverse weather conditions.  

The concern about windows being out in the rain is valid, but it’s essential to note that the actual exposure time is relatively short. Once the old windows are removed, the new ones are promptly placed, secured, and sealed to minimise exposure. This means that even in more miserable weather conditions, the time your home is without complete window coverage is kept to a minimum.  

Additionally, our installers are prepared with materials and techniques to protect the interior spaces during the installation process. Temporary measures such as plastic sheeting or specialised covers can be used to shield your home from rain or drafts until the new windows are properly installed and sealed. However, our team are usually so efficient that this isn’t typically required unless the weather is more on the extreme side. 

How do I prepare for my windows to be fitted in bad weather? 

While our professional installers are equipped to handle various weather conditions, it’s essential for homeowners to communicate and collaborate with them effectively. If you’re having your windows fitted in autumn/winter, before the scheduled installation date it’s a good idea to discuss potential weather concerns with the installation team. Having an open line of communication allows for better planning and adaptation if the weather takes an unexpected turn.  

Of course, in the unlikely event the weather does get too extreme for our installers to safely replace your windows, we will contact you and rebook as quickly as possible. Similarly, if you’re worried on the day, please contact us and we can talk you through any concerns that you may have. 

Ideally, you also want to ensure that you prepare the area before we arrive by ensuring that its clear and accessible as this will significantly contribute to a smoother installation process. Clearing furniture, making sure your furry friends are safely in another room, and providing a clear environment helps our installers to complete the job efficiently, even in adverse weather conditions.  

If you’d like some extra help in how to prepare for your window installation, you’re in luck as we’ve written a whole blog about it! You can read it here for some helpful tips and tricks. 

In conclusion 

Bad weather conditions like rain don’t necessarily mean a pause to your window fitting project. Professional window installers like the expert team at Birmingham Glass are equipped to handle various weather situations and ensure that your home remains protected throughout the installation process.  


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