New windows with condensation? Surely that’s not right? Customers are often surprised when they get condensation after we’ve installed their new windows but it’s actually quite normal. 

Firstly, your windows should not have condensation between the panes of glass – that’s a fault that would need fixing. 

Condensation on the outside of new UPVc windows? 

Condensation on the outside of the windows is perfectly normal and natural. If the air outside is warmer than the temperature of your double glazing then you’ll have a natural creation of moisture and it’s actually a sign your windows are doing their job and keeping the warm air inside. 

Condensation on the inside of new UPVc windows? 

Condensation on the inside of your windows is often just a sign that you have warm moisture on the inside of your property. The obvious culprits would be the shower or kettle but sometimes you can get this from a higher-than-average humidity in your home or property. 


What can you do about condensation on new windows? 

As we’ve mentioned, this is a naturally occurring issue so there’s no manufacturing or fitting fault and as such there’s nothing our team can do to your windows to change the situation.  

That said, here are some simple and hopefully simple and effective solutions you can do at home.  

  1. Open the trickle vents that are fitted on your windows. At the top you’ll find a little vent or flap that will allow a small amount of air to ‘trickle’ in and this alone can stop/improve the condensation.  
  2. Open your windows. Further to the above tip, this is a sure-fire way to ease the condensation, so long as you don’t choose a rainy day! 
  3. Use a dehumidifier. If you have a reoccurring issue then you may have moisture in your home. This is especially true if you’ve recently had any new work done to the property as work like plastering can create a lot more moisture in the home than normal.  


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